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More about this disease - Treatment of the disease

Treatment of the disease

To date, there is no treatment to cure the disease (it is a genetic disease) nor to prevent its development


There is no preventive treatment for the disease, capable of preventing the onset or aggravation of the disease. Current scientific research gives hope that we are progressing towards solutions in the years to come.

Sometimes, regular intake of aspirin may be prescribed at low dose for preventive measure.  No medical study, however, has proven it to be effective in the case of CADASIL.

On the other hand, it is necessary to prescribe medical care as soon as the disease manifests itself and along as it develops. This process is known as symptomatic treatment.

Prescribed medications are used to decrease symptoms as well as improve patient’s comfort.

Analgesics (painkillers) such as paracetamol and simple aspirin are used against migraine attacks. Not recommended are vasoconstrictor drugs that cause contraction of blood vessels such as derivatives of rye ergot fungus and triptans.

Cognitive and psychiatric disorders (depression, psychomotor agitation) may be mitigated by specific treatments.

 After a stroke, medical care may include:

  • For relapse prevention, antiplatelet drugs such as aspirin are prescribed. However, their effectiveness has been demonstrated tor “classic” cerebral infarction but has never been assessed in case of CADASIL.
  • Treatment of other aggravating vascular risk factors (hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia).

Some treatment programs are considered based on advances in clinical and genetic knowledge of the disease. These programs will be assessed based on results from clinical trials.

We would especially caution our readers/patients with CADASIL who may see some websites created by patients that offer treatment advice with the name of certain drugs. For most of them, these sites have not been reviewed and approved by competent medical authorities.

Non-medical treatment

CADASIL is a disease which results in a variable degree of disability. In France, it is important for a patient to be recognized for his/her disability in order tp receive assistance according to his/her needs.

  • Physiotherapy is essential for rehabilitation against motor disorders (walking, balance etc.).
  • Speech therapy is prescribed in cases of speech disorders.
  • Home care assists the patient during normal daily activities.
  • The role of patient caregivers is critical. Associations such as CADASIL France among others, have a mission to support them.

In France, the Departmental Houses for Disabled People (MDPH), assist handicapped people and help them apply for support benefits from Social Security (benefits such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, home care, accommodation in a specialized medical center etc.). 

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